Friday, December 7, 2012

Pine River Composing

Sure you can paint in the same place every day.  You can even stay in the studio.  But I find a change in location fuels the painting fire.  After two or three days in the studio painting from sketches and memory with the comforts at hand, I just have to get out and sharpen up.  She has all the lessons if you ask and study.  Colour use, composition, shapes, the whole works.  Relax and paint a bit of her, not too much on each canvas.

We trekked to the Pine River north of HWY 89.

Beside the Fire

All sorts of possibilities.

Low Chroma Heaven

No chroma in sight, but wait,

Here Comes the Sun

Remember it, as she fades.  What to put in, what to take out, how to arrange, what to say?

A Start

One tree, one clump of grass - placed just so leading to the tree, a bit of stream.  Shown in context with the raw surroundings.  Edges and values important.  How much chroma to make it interesting?  Another half hour and there will be enough to get into the real painting.

There are numerous compositions here.  And its close to good coffee and muffins.

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