Monday, October 17, 2011

Rain Day Strategies

Mid October and the class actually showed up.  Sun was the forecast.  I never believe forecasts.  However, it started that way.

Sunny for Now

By the time I set up in the sun to keep everyone warm (9C), gave my handouts, got the experienced ones going, and began to demo, a fine mist started to come down.  That turned to a drizzle as I showed a 4 shape mass-in.  Getting the values correct turned out to be a demonstration in painting oil in the rain.  An interesting skill by itself.  And ditto for the coming snow.

Rain Bound Subject

I had talked about the difference between a sunny day producing shadows, and a heavy overcast day showing local colour and tone.  This strategy was chosen while listening to the forecast.  Contrarian.  Handouts covered to two situations.

A quick discussion about painting in the rain, and everyone scattered.

Dry, Not Warm and Cozy

A watercolourist insisted on bathing paintings in the downpour.  Heavy recovery required.  To my amazement everyone painted on.  Most were disappointed in the lack of colour.  The days of rain and wind had cleaned off a significant portion of the leaves.  I told them this was a good opportunity to paint the colour.  They didn't believe me.  Then as they settled in and started to see.......

Little Gem

A breakthrough work using a palette knife worked on this.

And the Rain Continued

Meanwhile, my setup showing local tone dripped and my paint box filled with water.  These close up positions help seeing the local tone by cutting down on the veil of rain.  But it is difficult seeing the masses for the uninitiated.  They did quite well in tough conditions in Belfountain.  Not to be forgotten.

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