Thursday, October 13, 2011

Etretat and the Elephant

This beach town in Normandie was chosen by Monet for several painting campaigns.  It was fortified by the Germans in World War II.  The town has the spots where Monet painted marked with small memorials.  It was interesting to experience the energy, painting at the same spot.  The "elephant" almost took Monet's life on a painting outing.

Looking West

This was our only overcast day during the entire trip.  

Looking East

It is interesting to look at Monet's paintings as he developed his eye and his style.  he began with the subject being important and tight brushwork with local colour.  In his later work the light was the subject and his brushwork was enlivened and energetic.  He wasn't too interested in the subject.  The light effect on the colours interested him and his eye developed so he could see.

Monet's Painting Spot

I couldn't help but wonder how much has changed since Monet's time.  My wife commented that she could understand why the Impressionists went high key given the luminous quality of the light.  Boudin got Monet out painting in it.

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