Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Those Fall Colours

They can make a riot in Red or Yellow.  How can you treat them in an image?  

Here is an example of what one might see.  Even this is only a snippit of the whole view seen by your eye and registered by your brain.  So this scene is a bit out of context standing alone in a frame.

Hockley Valley

You might choose to paint this image.

Colour WOW

This IS eye catching.  It is further out of context.  Even Abstract.  How to paint it?  Should you paint it?  This is truly only a snippit.  Alone this image doesn't read easily.  There is little to compare it to.  There is little structure.  It yells at you - non stop.  Almost only one shape in the form of an uninteresting rectangle.  If you were painting abstract.....     maybe.

Over time, many artists have found the fall colours are better expressed at a time past the peak, when the structure is more evident and there are interesting shapes, greys and complementery colours setting it off.  These elements give rise to unique and different shapes in other than a loud monocolour.

From later in the season,

Bushwork, 12x12, Oil on Canvas

Or maybe this, from the Hockley Valley scene above.  More structure is shown along with some complementary colours - violets and greens.  Most of the colours have been reduced in chroma.

Beautiful Today, 20x24, Oil on Canvas

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