Friday, September 2, 2011

Getting Ready for France

All that plein air stuff just has to get simplified for a long trip full of walking.  To that end I built a small box.  But, you have to get used to the minimalist approach.  My first practice session was yesterday at Scotsdale farm.

On a Fence Post

No tripod.  Too heavy and bulky.

All in One

Holds a lot.  3 brushes, #4, #6, #8.  Medium cup.  11 small tubes shown here.  A palette, removable.  2 wet or dry 8x10 boards.  I am using oil primed linen boards.  I also will paint on 11x14 loose oil primed linen that I clip to a board.

Nearly Packed Up

Since this is small I can walk about with it in a small day pack.


In the past I have painted with the box on my lap, on a garbage can, on a stone wall, on a pick nick table etc.    It is best to practice.  The fence post painting was not a real problem once I got going.  I got used to painting without a free hand.  Lots of paint on me, but that will get better as I gain experience.  Hopefully twice more before I head to France.

The light was flat from the overcast condition at Scotsdale.  A good way to practice a local tone painting - no shadows or hi lites, just the local tones/colour and value, at least three tones, interesting unique shapes.

Breaking Out, 8x10, Oil on Board

Looks a bit bright and chromatic here.  Less in reality.  The colours are changing.  Fall is well in the way.  Green still dominates.

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