Friday, August 12, 2011

Problem Solving Check List

Here is a short list of aids for making a problem tangible.  I am sure we can add to this without boundaries.

Careless drawing - not measuring, no idea of perspective
Wrong shapes
Too many sharp edges
Painting what you think you see, not what is there
Too many values
Wrong values
Jumping from concept to concept
Incorrect temperature changes
Too little paint
In a hurry - finish before starting
Working from photos, in the context of concept
Poor working light
Failure to squint for edges and values
Too many hilites
Garish colour
Wrong colour
Improper paint quality - thick, thin, texture
Aimless brush strokes - licking
Glare on canvas
Shadows off value

Today I had a hard time mixing colours.  Just me.  I could see what I wanted to do.  Maybe my blood pressure was up.  Tomorrow is another day.

Gairloch's Monet, 16x20, Oil on Canvas


  1. I hope they are helpful. It is difficult to be mindful of these and a host of other painting pointers and concept while relaxing and jut painting. It is like a musician who does the scales in practice, then forgets about them to play.

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