Monday, June 21, 2010

Size and Space Distortion

The mass of the mountains does something to your judgement. We have had superb weather here after 10 days of rain. To help, I did the foreground first after brushing on a transparent wash. The foreground values were much easier to determine. Then I could fill in the layers in values relative to the foreground. This scene was painted into the morning sun to give interesting shadows as well as burning me right through a generous slather of 45 sun screen. The water reflection and the high altitude sure do the trick. As usual there are passages of transparent, translucent, and opaque paint.

Hopefully I will paint at Moraine Lake tomorrow.

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Location:Hoho Park, Lake Ohara


  1. Lovely. It makes me homesick! Thank you for that.

  2. Hi Diane,
    What a place! The season is late this year with Oesa still snowed in. Fortunately there is an infinite number of paintings from the shores of O'Hara. I was able to do 3 boards a day.