Monday, June 28, 2010

A Little Bit of Moraine

The limited time I have for doing smalls has lead to both a change in palette and some improvised technique. I have been doing my transparent wash the day before, guessing on what the pigment should be. So I start off the painting session applying the wash for the next session, then taking out the panel washed the day before and now completely dry. I have added Violet Grey (Old holland), Cerulean Blue (Gamblin), and Warm Grey (Kama) to my palette. These join Alizarin, Viridian, Yellow Deep, and Mineral Violet.

Here is a view of Moraine Lake from the rock pile. Yes, I did get rain. Every day of the road trip so far. Tonight I write from Astoria on the Oregon coast. Looks like I will revaluate my palette tomorrow.

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Location:Canadian Rockies

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