Friday, May 28, 2010

Turn Once to Finish Cooking

It isn't really Spring.  We spent considerable time looking for shade before we settled on this spot.  The sun was moving quickly.  We knew we were done when he (SUN) crept up and finished us off.

I decided to make this an analogous painting using Cadmium Orange, Cadmium Yellow Light, and Permanent Green Light.  In addition to Titanium White I added Magenta as a complement to the Permanent Green, but I would not "show it", just the various greys it made when mixed with the analogous pigments.  I started with a thin transparent green wash since it was to be the dominant colour.  It showed through in a number of places.  In the middle ground the transparent green was partially covered with a translucent yellow green gradation.  Most of the painting was a grey or neutral colour against which the few splotches of intense pigments show up.  The Board of Education building was subordinated in dull orange and the distant tree line was done in various greys featuring a green tendency.  Around the subject the paint was applied thicker and opaque.  So we have transparent glazes, thin passages of translucent paint, and thick passages.  Hopefully you can see the dominant colour, the subordinate colour and the mid use colour.

Nervey, 10x12, Oil on Board

We were cooked by 11 after an hour and change of painting - forced speed work.  Hopefully it will be a little cooler for the plein air class this weekend.  It will be easier to practice the lessons without fearing a heat stroke.

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