Monday, May 17, 2010

Colour or Light?

It seems confusing when you hear "you can paint light, or you can paint colour, but you cannot paint both at the same time."  To illustrate, here are images from the same site.

Silver Creek Swamp, noon, full sun effect

Early in the morning the hill in the picture above was in shade with the sun just beginning to move overhead.

Silver Creek Swamp, 9 AM, shadow and oblique light

Same place different conditions.  Many confuse colour with light.  You can see that sunlight tends to bleach out the colour even though the light is intense.  The colour is more saturated in less direct light.  It is your job to distinguish and choose the situation that most interests you.  Another alternative is to do a series.  The series can run not just the times of day, but day to day and season to season variations.  kevin MacPherson did small paintings on his pond on each day of the year - 365 images.  An amazing collection.

Too Close, 10x12, Oil on Board

Guess the time of this image.

The painting was done as a split complement.  The pigments were Viridian, Permanent Green Light,  Cobalt Blue (the analogous set), Permanent Rose the complement for Viridian, and Cadmium Yellow Light as a modifier for the greens.

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