Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Vic Outing

So we met at Tims and headed north out of Glen Williams.  I managed to pass off the responsibility of picking a spot on to Terry and Monica.  Stress.

We stopped on a black top road.  A no no, and we paid for it.  Live and learn.

There were numerous motifs from the Credit River with ice patterns in the water, to an interesting forest covered hill with strange sky behind a low spot, and a farm house set back considerably from the road surrounded by trees.  I chose the farm house.

My concept for the painting was to make the farm house interesting in its surrounding cluster of trees - evergreen in back and some colourful leafless rounded trees in front.  I would use colour in view of the overcast conditions (vs light if the sun had been out) and I would make the house a bit mysterious with the front trees partially covering it.  The star of the play was to be the farm house with the trees partially covering it the supporting actors.  Everything else was to be background - don't look there is what I would try to make the painting say.

Farm in the Glen, 10x12, Oil on Linen on Board

The farmhouse has the lightest light and the darkest dark.  The vast amount of colour is there.  The paint is thickest there and there are quite a number of layers.  The hardest / sharpest edge is there.  The hi lites and the accents are there.

The painting was done with a #14 bristle filbert, a #8 Bristle filbert, a #6 bristle filbert, and a palette knife.

The palette consisted of the four primaries Ultramarine Blue, Viridian, Cadmium Yellow Light, Alizarin, with the addition of Cadmium Orange and Mineral Violet.

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