Sunday, August 17, 2014

Drawing You Say

It was perfect.  Shade, a picnic table, moderate temperature, sunshine.  a high vantage point.  Well, not exactly.  Couldn't see the subject through the big Maple tree.  So I got some exercise in sneaking and returning to sit and draw.  Have to sit these days.

High Above the Harbour, Lunenburg

Now, I do a fair amount of drawing.  I try to get it mostly right even though it is not usually my primary concern.  During the sketch and subsequent hour of painting here I know something was pretty wrong.  Didn't have time or strength to correct on site.  After all, its probably mostly right (couldn't see the subject but you know).

After I got home I had to do some investigation.  Here is the gist of what I found.

Drawing Check - Simple

Even without seeing the subject I knew the areas that were probably wrong.  Easy to correct on the second wet.  My constant drawing at least warned me.

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