Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Habits and Changing Them

It is always interesting when I teach.  I get to observe others painting.  I learn a lot.  And I see numerous bad habits brought along from previous experiences.  I have found that these are hard to change.  My teacher was very truthful and forceful regarding habits that lead to better painting.  Today everything is deemed beautiful, great, wonderful.

A Guest Student

Here is a short list of my observations.  These pertain to objective painting.

Drawing versus painting.
A dive in start without ability to draw.
Ditto without perspective.
Ditto without regard to concept including design.
Ditto with regard to value.
Formulaic approach.
Trial and error approach.
Inability to mix colours.
Inability to mix grey.
Painting what one thinks, not what one sees.
Incessant dabbing without even looking at the subject.
Licking the canvas while trying to determine what to do next.
Changing direction in mid course.
Aversion to some pigments on hearsay.
Inability to manoeuvre the brush, knife etc.

The list goes on.

Yesterday I heard the excuse "I haven't got time to learn to draw (do perspective, mix colours etc.)  Of course that same person has the time to use trial and error over and over again in search of a better painting.  Slow way to make progress.

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