Tuesday, March 5, 2013


On a recent visit to the Parry Sound area I had the opportunity to paint in the late afternoon.  This painting was done at -20C in a small corner near the Bowes River in the James Bay Junction area.  In this painting I worked the elements of brushwork and paint quality.

James Bay Junction, Oil on Canvas on Board

After composing and working through my concept I started massing with my #14.  I started with the background wall of trees.  Brush loaded but not gobbed up.  The inherent value of the paint in the brush was darker than my target - on purpose.  However, with careful strokes I was able to let enough light from the underside to show through with the correct value as a result and with interesting texture - you can see it and feel it.  I was able to do this with all the darks.  Massing cuts the time helping with the conditions in this case.  About one third of the painting was developed this way.  Most of this was transparent paint.  Another paint quality was used for most of the rest of the painting.  In the sky and the frozen area surface of the lake I used a dry brush and then dry brushed over top of that.  So that gives a broken colour and an interesting surface texture.  Again this was done with a large brush and it took very little time.  Opaque and translucent paint.  The remaining small surface was done more carefully finishing off with drawing adjustments and shade and light.  In the zone you aren't aware of the snowmobilers or the cold.

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