Saturday, February 2, 2013

Staying Safe

I have been painting alone on the banks of the local Credit River.  A few times a week since New Years Day.  The freeze up was very interesting and produced a series if images.

Water Near 6 Feet Below Easel Feet

Then the thaw.  So we decided to paint north at the Forks.  On the way past my local painting site early in the morning it looked like this.  

12C and Drizzle

The Forks features more open water and fast flow.

20 Feet Above

Looking up at the West Branch I saw some movement then we witnessed an avalanche of ice and water breaking loose.  The noise escalated to a roar.  And this is a small river.  The pile of ice chunks as big as a car crashed below us going under the bridge.  

Then I thought this "tsumani" is going to travel the length of the river.  I had to see what happened at my local painting spot some 30 km away.

Changed From the Morning Shot

Obliterated.  The island was submerged.  The ice chunks were flung up and over the banks past the area where I stood painting during the recent freeze up.  The river diverted itself into its old bed and flooded that path with ice.  It was a good 7 feet above the level it had been.  It happened fast.  Would have difficulty outrunning it.  Shows you why you should have a painting buddy.  Especially in these circumstances.

My Bench in the Background

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