Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brush Renewal

Here are the tools of torture I faced this morning in the studio.

Sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

I use hogs hair bristle flats.  There are a few of each in various stages of decay.  In any painting session I tend to use one of each but either the 10 or the 12.  I work with a rag in my left hand wiping off the excess paint between strokes.  Then I wipe the paint off my rag onto that left hand.  Then the left hand works at producing painting clothes out of everything I own.

I use flats and they wear themselves into filberts with round shoulders.  I don't throw any of them out.  They often wear themselves into a special use brush.  I like the flats because they hold a good load of paint.  I can control them to make small marks as a result of my use of the big brush.  All of the brushes above save for the #10 are well on their way to becoming filberts.  I like a visible brush stroke with a square tail.  So.......

New Flats

These will make me feel sharp and clean, just like coming out of a shower.  My outdoor kit is in worse shape so I'll change them up as well.  After all, I'm going out painting in the snow tomorrow.

It is great to have an inventory.

New Brush Stash

So I'll paint with my new flats, my hand made filberts, my palette knife, my rag,  and my fingers.  At one time I used rounds as did the old masters.  They are good for hiding your brush strokes.  The bright is a short flat.  Holds less paint, can be used as a chisel for sculpting paint.

I have had good luck with these Rosemarie brushes.  I order a couple of times each year from England.  Quick delivery, good price, good brushes.  The catalogue is a good read, but don't get hooked.  In the world of no right and wrong, this catalogue can get to you with "what might be".

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