Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Two Step Avoidance in 8x10

The early notice went out with a favourable weather forecast.  Of course that changed to an 80% chance of rain.  Exactly why a late notice is used most often.  And it was Black Friday.  Priorities, priorities.

The usual suspects turned out.  Coffee in hand we willed ourselves to find a motif to paint.  It was a Harold day with the famed 8x10 exercise in full swing.  The purpose is to do starts, lay in the shapes and values, get them right, repeat.  Force the eye to compose a small chunk.  Big Brush, small board, no time to wander.

Monochromatic 8x10 Start

Sure beats the Black Friday Lineup Two Step.  Even with Harold scolding.

High View, Low View

The shelter looked inviting.  But the wind blew, the paint flew, couldn't see much for a minute or two.  The paint literally blew off the barn on to John's palette.  "Not the right colour" he exclaimed.  Oh but the texture.

For the Long Haul

After a monochromatic block in with accurate shapes and values, many people have trouble getting a colour with the right value.  Every colour is affected by its surrounding colour.  Value-colour perception often not too easy.  Here Shelley is ready to do what it takes for however long it takes.

The 8x10 repeats were taking their toll.  You could hear the scraping sound of knife on board.  Harold drumming on, "take it off, do it again".

As the cold set in we were advised that the next element of the 8x10 exercise was speed work.  Oh boy, can hardly wait.

Black Friday avoided.  Another great day at the office.  Remember, take the forecast tongue in cheek.

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