Monday, May 28, 2012

Robert Doak Oils

I took advantage of a Brooklyn visit to see my daughter and her new family.  Robert Doak, renowned oil paint maker was just at the end of the F line.  We set off in the rain.  Wife, daughter, baby in full dressed armour baby buggy.  Ian was at work.  At the end of the F line they told me to just go down this street, Bridge street runs into it.  We will come along after a coffee.

It wasn't there.  So, I walked in ever increasing circles, got drenched and found Bridge street. May be they will find me maybe not.  No turning back now.  A little nervous on this street.  A smallish brick building with no windows.  It was #89.  A thick steel bank vault door was set back in from the tired brick.  No window.  On the side were four buzzers.  One marked "Doak" in a a white scrawl.  Isn't this a retail store?  A person opened the door.  Ushered me in through another beaten steel door.  Enter the candy store.

Pigments Oils Mediums.....

The master came out of the back room - office - lab.  Robert Doak has been making paints all his life.  He wanted to know what and how I painted.  From that discussion he made suggestions referring to a massive array of colour swatches.


It was dangerous in with the candies and the candy man.  I had to steel myself for an escape while I could still afford it.  My wife and daughter arrived, a little shaken.  Together we made it out with a box of paints.  Two whites, a blue, an orange, a green and a standard Cadmium Yellow.  Oh, and a large tube of GOOP.  A secret weapon.

They sailed nicely across the border.  Been into a few of them.  Smooth, powerful pigment load, beautiful to the touch on the brush, beautiful to the eye.  Robert doesn't indicate specifically what is in his paints.  Top quality materials and a few surprises.  Next for the GOOP, maybe this afternoon.

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