Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Board Experiment Part III

After my last episode trying to paint on a board showing its grain and colour I decided to size the board with PVA or GAC400.  Then I covered the mixture with two thick coats of clear gesso.  Still gritty, and a bit of the colour is lost.

I got to try the board in a snow fall.  Blowing and snowing.  We hid in the forest to reduce the snow accumulation on the palette.  Now, Zan showed up in his "paint in the car" invention.  He couldn't go where we did, but he was toasty, warm, and dry.

Fence Post Easel

Without your tripod, improvise.

I put my gritty board up.  Good thing.  That gritty surface held the paint when the others were sliding around with oil slush.

Back Tilted

Even with all the preparation undercoats the panel absorbed paint more than I like.  I prefer a fast surface.  At least I could get the paint to hang on.  The tilt back helped keep the snow off the palette and the board.

Camera View of My Subject

There was a lot of snow between me and the subject.  The camera tends to add more of this filter than the eye.  Colours pretty much washed away.

Pizza Anyone?

The good ol' pizza box wet panel carrier nicely stacked in the brambles.  A lean mean paintin' machine.  Another productive day at the office.

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