Friday, November 4, 2011

How Many Cobbs on a Stalk of Corn

Lets see the farmer in you.  My friend Irish Joe Cleary introduced me to the corn fields years ago while training for a marathon.  So, how many cobbs on a stalk of corn?  On the corn syrup can there is three.  My mother in law, a farmer, says there is way more than three.

An Artist Observes

If you paint you must be a good observer, right?  You learn to "see", right.  Well, there is ONE cobb of corn on a stalk.  Yup, one!  Seems like a huge plant for a one tiny cobb.  Well, for 15 years it had always been one cobb on my trips into the cornfield.  But alas, we found a variety with two on at least a significant proportion of the stalks.  We had to come all the way to Giverny to discover this trinket, and no, they have not been pruned back.  What's next?