Friday, March 25, 2011

Transition Season 2011

Most of the time this is stick and mud season.  Just a few days ago it looked like this.

Scotsdale farm March 22, 2011

Then on Wednesday we got a full dump of the fluffy.  So yesterday 3 of us ventured to the Mistake Valley in north Hockley.  Just a glorious day.  Can you tell?

Just a Grinnin'

Same but Different

The Other Way

This last picture shows a painter set up to paint back to the sun.  The first two facing the sun.  There is terrific glare on this set up.  The dominant masses are lit by the sun (one concept).

The first two facing the sun had shadow dominant images,  more protected painting surfaces (from the glare) and palettes in the shade.  Facing the sun produces eye discomfort when looking at the subject as your eyes shut down to reduce the light - often a problem with value here.  Notice both painters wearing peaked hats to reduce that glare.  OK, so the hats are Elmer Fudd, but hey.

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