Friday, February 4, 2011

More on the Monet Hawthorne Connection

Hawthorne became a renowned teacher.  He searched for teaching approaches all his life.  The approach came from the study of Monet who said that the subject is the light.  He taught both beginners and professionals at his Cape Cod Art School.  Here are some Hawthorne comments.

We must teach ourselves to see the beauty of the ugly.  It is greater to make much out of little that to make little out of much.

It is beautifully simple, all we have to do is get our colour notes in their proper relation.

Everyone knows what a man looks like, or a tree or a house, it is our job to tell the world something about these things that was not known before, an impression of what we alone have received.

The only way to learn to paint is by painting.  It is work that counts, experience in seeing colour.

Don't try to be an artist all at once, be very much a student.  Be always searching, never settle to do something you've done before.  Every successful canvas has been painted from the point of view of a student, for a great painter is always a student.

Remember, no amount of good drawing will pull you out if your colours are not true.  Get them right and you will be surprised how little else you need.

Have the courage to set down the colours you see - overstate the colours rather than be weak.  See the colour, then paint it a little more brilliant than you see it.

Working out of doors your eye will be brought up to colour - it has the effect of shaking off the shackles of your mind.  It is the most direct way of learning to see colour.

Woman With Hat

Girl in Yellow

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