Monday, April 26, 2010

Back in the Studio

I spent some time in the studio with my "stiff" building.  Its presence ground on me and I found that the composition did not render any emotion.  Like most things, painting is mostly mental.  Maybe I will revisit and set the mill in its context, new "modern" addition and all.  In any event I set out to give the mill a bit of character and loosen it up some.  Your job, as they say, is to make it a painting.

On the Old Side, 10x12, Oil on Board

I worked on the texture and the edges with a gradation on the sun lit wall.  That gradation is in value, chroma, texture, and edges.  Had to compare values from memory.  Could have stayed with it and subordinated more shapes and masses.  Easier to complete on site.

In the studio I used a #12 bristle filbert and a palette knife.  The pigments left on my outdoor easel were still workable so I used them.


  1. The "stiff building" is stiff no more. Lovely!

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