Monday, January 18, 2010

Sweet Oils and Perseverance Always Skins the Cat

Get used to it.  If you want to learn from Her you have to work with Her.  Then She will tell you all the secrets, but you have to ask as would a good student.  Then practice, practice, practice.

On Saturday 9 were to come and paint "in the warm sun with the snow".  After some fuss we were down to the usual suspects.  Now, it was damp and windy and gray.  They threw that in just to see who would sacrifice.   We painted in a little valley hiding from the breeze for the morning paint.  Randi chased the light change as an exercise.  Interesting.  Vic painted in silence three feet away from me.

Out of the Wind, North Hockley

Hardly what you expected?  Of course it turned out beautiful!

Per the drill we went on to Pete's for a stunning lunch (coffee and a muffin).  Then we headed back to the hills and found this.  Vic mumbled "stop" and after an incident with the ditch we got out and painted individual versions of the mystery - all in blinding sun light.

Where Does It Go?

We painted this side by each until the light started to wane for the day.  We could see all three from the car during warm up classes.  The peanut gallery discussed all three pieces in progress.  More education.

Three Variations

Happy with the effort and the experience, we packed up and began the anticipation of the next installment.  In the mean time we have to settle for the small studio.

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