Thursday, April 9, 2009

OK, so the snow is ending

For the latest snowfall we went to the far end of Mississauga road again.  It was supposed to be dull and heavy overcast with more snow.  I got up at dawn and it looked like they predicted.  Then as I ate breakfast I noticed it seemed to brighten quite quickly.  Looked like it would burn off to me.  On my way north the sun broke through.  We set up to a bright beautiful day.  I climbed down the bank close to the river and out of the sun under a tree.  Excitedly I squeezed out and quickly killed the white canvas.  The composition just painted itself.

Last kick at It, 10x12, oil on canvas on birch board

The challenge turned out to be the brilliant light and the reflection off the snow.  The tree that provided shade broke down as the sun moved.  The glare was incredible.  When this occurs your eyes shut down and you tend to paint darker and duller than you think.  At least I avoided chasing the sun.  Back in the studio this becomes apparent.  So this painting will get a little attention before going out.  I'll work from memory.

The painting was done with a #12 and a #6 hogs bristle bright brush.  The palette was cobalt blue, viridian, lemon yellow and alizarin crimson along with Old Holland titanium white.

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